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Products List
Excavator Track Frame
Excavator bucket
John deere-buckets
Welding Fabrication work
Bucket tooth
Grader blade / Cutting Edges
Sprocket & Gear
Tramcar-Carriage-Trailer parts
Welding Structure Work
Helix Anchor
Steel Weldment
Steel structure
Steel Welding
Engineering structure
Steel Fabrication
Stamping parts
Cold forging
Loader bucket
Digger bucket
Grab bucket-Ripper
Grappler arm
Heavy bucket
Mini bucket
Truck Undercarriage
Tractor Undercarriage
Pumper base support
Pumper Undercarriage
Truck base support
Tractor base support
Tramcar Undercarriage
Tramcar base support

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PFT manufacture all kinds of  excavator buckets suitable for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, John Deer, Volvo, JCB excavator etc. If you are interested in our parts, please feel free to contact us.
Excavator Track Frame-2
Excavator/Bulldozer Track Frame-1
Heavy duty bucket -EB07
Skeleton bucket -EB08
Heavy duty bucket -EB09
Heavy duty bucket-EB10
Excavator bucket -EB12
Trapezoidal bucket-EB13
Excavator bucket-EB15
Mini Excavator bucket-EB16
Caterpillar Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket CAT Bucket-01
Caterpillar Excavator Buckets -Cat Bucket-02
Caterpillar Excavator Buckets -Cat Bucket-03
Caterpillar Excavator Buckets -Cat Bucket-04
Caterpillar Excavator Buckets-Cat Bucket-05
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