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Heavy forgings are made by open die forging (free drop forgings), such as: shafts, blocks, flanges, tubes, gears. These forging parts are used for Vessels, Plastic Extrusion Machines, Gearbox and so on.

Closed die fogings include spares for Construction Equipments, Mining, & Agriculature Machineries and shipbuildings.

Parfect Forging Ltd, located in Ningbo city, China, is a standardized and professional forging factory.
The main production processes in our factory is closed die forging & open die forging. The materials forged are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc.
The forged products are mainly used in fields of manufacturing mining machinery, buildings, auto parts, truck parts, train parts, railway spares, ship parts, transportation equipment parts, excavator parts, valve parts, agricultural machinery parts, etc.
Closed die forging process is also called as precision forging. Our facilities include 2500tons, 1600tons, 630tons, and 280tons friction pressing machines, 4 production lines. We can produce products weight from 0.1-60kgs.
Open die forging, also called as heavy forging. We have 1 set of 8000tons hydraulic pressing machine, 1 set of 3150tons hydraulic machine, 1 set of 5tons free drop hammer, 1 set of 1 ton free drop hammer, 4 sets of 5m diameter lathe, 2 sets of 4m*10m milling machine, 1 set of 15m long hole drilling machine, 2 sets of 4*4m CNC machines, and 2 sets of separate heat treating systems.. We can forge product with weight ranges from 30-80000kgs, max diameter 5m, max length 18m. The main products made by open die forging process are wheels, shafts, rings, flanges and bearings.
We have a good design and production capacity. The max exporting quality is around 20000tons. Such products are mainly exported to countries such as, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, etc.
To control the quality, weve been equipped with various testing equipments, such as spectrum, Magnetic Partical Inspection Instrument, UT equipment, CMM, Tensile Strength tester, Impact testing machine(-40), Hardness tester. Our factory is ISO 9001, ABS, RS, CCS, DNV certified, and has a good cooperation with the third party inspection company SGS. Till now, all of our customers are satisfied with our product quality.
Parfect forging ltd located in Ningbo city, Zhejiang, China. 10km away from Ningbo Lishe Airport, 30km far from the Ningbo seaport, and 200km away from Shanghai seaport, which is the second biggest seaport in China, which help to save the transportation costs much.
Welcome customers from overall the world to come and establish long term business relations!
Our mission is: Faithful Cooperation, Quality First and Safe Production to build a better future with customers!