Open Die forging
Closed Die forging
Steel forging part
Heavy forging
Hot forging- Hot forged
Drop forging- Drop forged
Alloy Steel Forging-Forged
Carbon Steel Forging-Forged
Stainless Steel Forging-Forged
Forging Flange-Forged Flange
Forging Ring-Forged Rings
Forging Shaft- Forged Shaft
Forging Bushing- Forged Bushing
Forging Roller- Forged Roller
Forging Cylinder- Forged Cylinder
Forging wheel-Forged wheel
Forging Valve-Forged Valves
Forging Gear- Forged Gear
Forging Tube Sheet-Forged Tube Sheet
Precision forging
Forging Conveyor Chain
Forging Breakers parts
Forging Mining Parts
Forged Connecting Rod
forging Bucket tooth
forging Excavator tooth
Railway Wheel forging
Copper forging
Brass forging
Bronze forging
Aluminum extruding
Aluminum forging
Steel extruding
Big size forging


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Heavy forgings are made by open die forging (free drop forgings), such as: shafts, blocks, flanges, tubes, gears. These forging parts are used for Vessels, Plastic Extrusion Machines, Gearbox and so on.

Closed die fogings include spares for Construction Equipments, Mining, & Agriculature Machineries and shipbuildings.

Parfect Machinery Co.,LTD is located in Ningbo, Zhejing,China. We are good at forging breaker parts,such as drill rods,pistons,back head,VALVE BODY,SEAL RETAINER,CHUCK HOUSING,VALVE GUIDE,VALVE,VALVE COVER,TIE ROD & Nut,etc.The material range includes Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel,Stainless steel, etc. We use the processes of quartz Free drop forging techinics,Our company is export-oriented, and the forging breaker chisel have already been sold to Australia, United States, Canada, UK, (BRITAIN, England), Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Spain, Portugal. Italy, etc. Those forging breaker chisels are widely applied in Mining machine, Drilling rig machinery,, construction machinery and so on.
Forging Breaker Chisel--01
Forging Breaker Chisel--02
Forging Breaker Chisel--03
Forging Breaker Chisel--04
Forging Breaker Chisel --05
Drill rod-01
Drill Rod-02
Drill-Rod 04
Drill-Rod 03
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